Considering attention to details in product designs, the Jordanian dagger that represents the Jordanian Bedouin traditional dagger, was re-designed by Jordan Armament and Weapon Systems (JAWS) to a compatible tactical knife with military mission requirements. The JTK is made of high carbon steel and comes with G – 10 grips. It is now considered an essential tool of the Jordanian soldier.

Special features can be provided upon request

Skull Crusher

G-10 Grip

Kydex Sheath


  • LENGTH: (335 + 1) mm (13.19) inch.
  • COATING: Black Oxide.
  • MATERIAL: High Carbon Steel.
  • HARDNESS: 50-58 HRC.
  • WIDTH: (53 + 1) mm (209) inch.
  • THICKNESS: (4.8 + 0.1) mm (0.188) inch.
  • GRIP: G-10.

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